About us


Super Sound Device audio manufacture was born as a result of joining forces of two engineers from Warsaw: Robert Łachniak and Michał Wiktorko. Their mechanical, electronic and organizational skills, as well as a predilection for taking up challenges resulted in cooperation in their passion for creating high quality audio equipment.


Robert graduated from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology. For many years he worked as a constructor in several branches of industry: military, home appliances and medical. Currently he runs his own HVAC business.


Michał graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University of Technology. He is currently employed as a civilian in a military institute. In his daily work he deals not only with chemistry as such, but also solves many technical problems, such as constructing prototype chemical installations and research sites. He is a self-taught man, he designs PCB boards, operates a lathe, is proficient in car mechanics. For many years he ran a business servicing hematological equipment.


They met in 2000 and became friends. As friends they took up the challenge of designing and building a high class vacuum tube amplifier, which finally brought about the emergence of Super Sound Device project. Thanks to their skills and experience almost all aspects of the production of the SSD equipment is in their own hands and heads: starting with a CAD 3D design, through building electronics, case, metering, testing and preparing for sale.


The current offer includes a 30 W vacuum tube amplifier, soon to be followed by a 60 W vacuum tube amp and  audio file player with a DAC and a vacuum tube output amplifier. All these products were presented at the 2017, 2018 Audio Video Show Exhibition in Warsaw.





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