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Product 3

Vacuum Tube phono preamplifier MC/MM SE-PRE01

product description

Vacuum Tube phono preamplifier MC/MM Sound Experience SE-PRE01



The preamplifier is a high-end dual mono design with MM stage,
using a 6N17B-V military specification vacuum tube. A precision
RIAA filter based on the best components was used: precision
metallized resistors 0.1% and Mundorf Silver / Gold Oil Evo
capacitors. Each one preamplifier channel is powered by a
separate power supply. In addition, isolation transformers have
been used to ensure perfect isolation from mains power supply.
The power supply with super filtration is made using high capacity
Rubycon capacitors.
The MC input is available via Lundahl LL1933
Step-Up transformers with two gain stages x8 and x16.
The MC and
MM input has adjustable parameters to match the amplifier to
almost any phono cartridge.

The preamplifier consists of two blocks: - preamplifier block with power supply - separate transformers unit, connected by a multi-pin Amphenol
connector to preamplifier.
The front of the amplifier has an input selector from the MC and
MM position and Mute for disconnecting the preamplifier from the
phono cartridge.
On the back of the amplifier are switches to
match the impedance and capacity to the MC and MM phono cartridges.

Technical data



Input type (Cartridge)



Output impedance for the cartridge

47k ohm or less

Gain x8 : 20 ohm to 600 ohm
Gain x16 : 20 ohm to 160 ohm


46 dB

Gain x8: 64dB; Gain x16: 68 dB

Rated output voltage (1kHz)

975 mV

1059mV (gain x8), 1704mV (gain x16)

S/N ratio for input

70 dB

RIAA curve deviation

±0.3 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)

Channel separation

100 dB or more (20 Hz to 20 kHz: Both of MM and MC)

Power consumption

max 70W (230 VAC, 50 Hz)

Dimensions (mm)

Phono Unit: 439(w) ×112(h) × 410(d)
Power Supply Unit: 165(w) ×220(h) × 55(d)


Phono Unit: 10kg
Power Supply Unit: 3kg



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